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​In 2011, Whidbey Island was in need of a full-service dermatology office. With the help of various family, friends, and the community, Family Dermatology was established!

Ran by a husband and wife team (Reese and Becky Bliek), Family Dermatology is built around the wonderful concept of family. Employees and patients alike will always be greeted with smiles into a welcoming environment.


Family Dermatology strives to provide our amazing community and patients with honest and excellent healthcare. Our cost for services are billed according to industry standards.


To become the preeminent dermatology office in Island County through way of groundbreaking, high quality dermatologic care!! We seek to not only set the new standard, but to in fact BE the new standard.

Our Core Values


Continued learning:  We promise to never stop learning new and improved ways to treat our patients. 


Family:  You are more than a patient, we want to build a relationship with each and every person that walks through our doors.


Quality:  We offer advanced dermatologic care to the patients we serve. 

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